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practice consists of 80% real estate, both residential and commercial (including: closing attorney for savings and loan associations, mortgage companies, private lenders, purchasers and sellers of real estate) title examinations and title insurance, foreclosures, condo conversions. 20% general practice including: estate planning, probate, corporate, family law, commercial and tax consultation.

Member of The Florida Bar, North Dade Bar, North Dade In The Beaches Real Estate Counsel, Attorneys Title Insurance Fund, Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce (fmr. President), North Miami Foundation For Senior Citizens (fmr. President), City of North Miami Floodplain Committee, City of North Miami Councilwoman (District 2).

Carol Keys, President
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Why do you need title insurance? 
Title insurance will protect possibly the most important purchase of your life - your home, or other real property. For a one time premium, title insurance protects hidden defects in title and the possibility of undisclosed interests of others in your property. Title insurance covers the ownership of your property for as long as you or your heirs on the property or have obligations under warranty deed when the property is sold.

What does title insurance protect against?
Forged instruments
False impersonations of the true owner of the property
Claims of unknown or missing heirs
Documents executed by minors or incompetent persons
Taxes and municipal liens
Documents signed by only one spouse when both are required
Liens for estate and inheritance tax
Clerical errors
Incorrect legal description
Lack of or improper signatures, witnesses or notaries
Liens of contractors
Misinterpretation of failure to find title defects by the title examiner

Lender's title insurance does not protect the buyer.
Own policy protects only the interest of the lender. It does not protect the buyer/borrower. And owners title insurance policy can be purchased at the same time as the lenders policy for a small fee when the property is purchased.